Commercial outdoor lighting for Kelowna businesses from Signcraft

commercial outdoor lighting

Signcraft helps Kelowna businesses with their commercial exterior lighting needs!

Commercial outdoor lighting is a necessity if you want to keep your business and customers safe. Proper commercial exterior lighting can help your business ward off potential parking lot crime as well as prevent acts of vandalism. The cost of commercial lighting fixtures can be an upfront investment, but the cost of crime related repairs far outweighs that initial expenditure.

Commercial exterior lighting helps to illuminate otherwise dark corners where criminals can easily hide. Properly placed commercial lighting fixtures can also help customers navigate their way from the parking area to your front entry. Using commercial lighting will ensure that your customers can see where they are walking in order to avoid accidental falls.

At Kelowna’s Signcraft we help business owners maintain, service, repair and install their commercial outdoor lighting. We’re a friendly team with a reputation for being punctual and knowledgeable because we care about your business.

commercial outdoor lighting

Keeping your customers safe at night is key when choosing commercial lighting fixtures for your Kelowna business

If you operate a business that keeps hours after dark then getting your customers to and from your doors late at night is a valid concern. Signcraft can help your business create, install and maintain a commercial exterior lighting plan that does just that! We want businesses to know more about our commercial lighting services because we want to brighten our local Okanagan communities.

The benefits to having a well lit commercial exterior are immeasurable. Safely get employees to their transportation after work is wrapped up for the night. Get your customers to and from their vehicles with their purchases without having to use a flashlight. Minimize accidents when you have well lit spaces during the day and dusk of the evening. Well lit spaces help to reduce fender benders among other common parking lot mishaps.

Signcraft can help you select the best commercial lighting fixtures for your budget and your business. LED lighting is a great way to save on your commercial lighting expenses annually. The cost effectiveness of a commercial LED lighting package vs. traditional commercial lighting is astronomical. If you’re looking to compare the two then reach out to us for some real world lighting solutions that will save you money and reduce your businesses carbon footprint.

commercial outdoor lighting

Commercial outdoor lighting is a valuable upgrade for your Kelowna business image!

We spend so much of our time working inside that sometimes we can neglect the outside appearance of where we work. Signcraft is here to draw some warranted attention back to your business facade! With commercial outdoor lighting we can help to highlight your buildings features and even hide a few flaws here and there.

Commercial outdoor lighting refers to everything lit outside. Outdoor lighting can refer to a multitude of lighting scenarios depending on where your business is located. Signcraft installs and maintains all types of commercial lighting from parking lot light poles to back alley security lighting. Commercial outdoor lighting is also good for daylight applications such as dark corners of parking garages. Outdoor lighting can also be used during the day in the form of an LED sign to draw in your customers. A brightly lit sign can be a welcome addition in a dark alleyway.

If you’re ready to light the way for your customers in 2021 then give the commercial lighting experts at Signcraft a call today! We would love to work with your business to formulate a commercial lighting plan design.