Sign Repair Company Kelowna

Whether your sign is fluorescent lamps, neon or LED lighting in a box sign, channel letter or freestanding pylon, we are your go-to crew for whatever might be wrong with it. Do you have burned out bulbs or worn out ballasts? We’ve got you covered. Are other electrical components malfunctioning? We can take care of that too. Is the sign face cracked, faded, or busted? We can replace it. We can also help you with your parking lot or building lights.

Have you ever considered the cost savings that a high efficiency LED retro fit would yield? We work closely with Fortis BC and have helped businesses significantly cut their energy costs. What’s better is that Fortis BC offers a generous rebate to help you pay for the changeover! We are also proud to be one of the top suppliers of Hanley LED in Canada, especially the fact that we can offer a full 5 year Warranty!

Our team has the ability to produce and install a vast array of signage and commercial outdoor lighting. Check out all we offer and call with any questions you may have.

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